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Regarding the Terrorism in Paris
Love or Hate Guns
Freedom’s Price
Understanding Sight Picture and Sight Alignment
Chris Practicing His Personal Defense Skills!


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Regarding the Terrorism in Paris

It saddens me to my core to see the evil that took place in Paris Friday night November 13, 2015.  Evil exists in our world today and it is not just directed at the rich Americans.  Sadly I am certain that this in not then end of it and more likely to be the beginning and a renewed effort to frighten the daylights out of peace loving citizens everywhere around the world.
I pray for the innocent souls lost and gravely wounded last Friday night while they were out enjoying an evening out on the town in beautiful Paris.

Love or Hate Guns

I obviously love guns! You may not, and that is fine with me. Not everyone likes guns, nor should they, but more and more people have them than ever before. The real questions is, are you likely to run into one in a dangerous situation? And if you do come across a gun, can you handle it safely? Keep reading if you want to learn more. 

Guns are perceived by some to be wicked, mean and ugly. Some people wonder how others can say that they love something so destructive and mean spirited? You must be some kind of idiot or some kind of weirdo.

Freedom’s Price

Freedom's Price

Freedom means very different things to citizens all over the world.  Those of us who live in America especially those of us who have spent any time in the Armed Services no matter which branch of the service know what freedom is.  We all shared something in common weather we were Air Force, Navy, Army or Marines, yes all of us.  We all went to basic and got our heads shaved and got loosely fitted for the same uniform.  Presto we all looked pretty much the same.

Understanding Sight Picture and Sight Alignment


                       My dad used to call me Eagle Eye when I was a kid.  It usually followed me spotting something of interest and pointing it out with enthusiastic glee.  Even now I have a good eye for movement and critters.  It must be something primal deep down in the DNA.   Being able to see clearly and being able to focus back and forth between near and far items of interest in your field of view is critical to accurate shooting.

Chris Practicing His Personal Defense Skills!

Another Satisfied Customer!

It's that time of the year again...

Wow! Another year has zoomed right by and here it is time for Christmas! During this special time of year, I would like to thank all of my students that have received training from me over the past year.  Thank you for your business and kind referrals to friends and family. I must say that this business has introduced me to some very nice new friends who are taking their own personal self defense very seriously.  You are a special group of citizens who I would be proud to stand beside when the chips are down.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I’m grateful for…
1. Buyer who wants to live in my
beautiful hometown
2. Low prices, affordable, amazing
values now
3. The lowest interest rate in years
4. My health and happiness
5. My friends and co-workers
6. Sellers who really want to sell their properties

Wings and Things

You can truly appreciate the spectacular sight of the Osprey and Florida lifestyle when filmed in slow motion. Courtesy of Cavin Brothers. Click the link below and enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

Don’t be scared of
the ghouls and ghost and take the NRA Basic Pistol Saftely Course at Eagle Eye Arms & Training!
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