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          I can now fully appreciate why the Kings loved to hunt with these magnificent birds from just holding a real live serious hunter in my hand.  What a thrill it was to see and touch this beautiful bird of prey.  It is a real thrill to see one fly off with its catch in the wild but it is a singular pleasure to see one up close and personal. 
The really cool thing about these two photos is that the folks that had the bird out on display for all to see has helped bring these fabulous creatures back from near extinction.

Gun Culture in America: Chapter 2

The truth is that part of our American Heritage is the gun or the rifle.  Many American citizens are what I refer to as "closet gun nuts", you could be one of them.  I was one for years.  I owned a gun and never told anyone else that I owned it.  We, gun owners, are a tight lipped bunch. Maybe it’s an unwritten rule that you don't talk about guns with people who don’t own guns. It is not a subject that comes up often in casual conversation at the club or at a dinner party.

Gun Culture in America

Here we go.
 Anyone who has studied a smidgen of American History knows that guns particularly rifles have been part of the American way of life since the colonial days.  Some historians would reinforce the idea that the reason the colonialists beat the British Army (arguably the best equipped army of the time) was because they were better marksmen.  There was no Publix with a 200 foot meat counter back then.  If you wanted meat for dinner, first you have to find it and kill it then you must clean it in order to bring it home before a large and stronger beast took it from you.

What a charming gator!

 I do not hunt. Well at least I haven't since I was a teenager. I recently learned about a local hunting program because an old friend of mine got my attention when he told me that his son is gator hunting guide in Florida. They guarantee a 6 to 8 foot gator!
But wait, there's more!  I was showing a house in Callusa Lakes, in Nokomis, just a week or so ago and we had to look for the key box.  As is my custom, I generally walk around the perimeter of the home and look for the little blue box.

Fear Mongering

Guns for Christmas?  What is going on in America?  During the season of peace and love who would have thought that a firearm would be a present under the tree?  Well, for one, me!  I actually got one for a Christmas present wrapped in gift wrap and under the Christmas Tree.  I was thrilled with the new Springfield Armory XDM 5.25 target pistol in 9mm.  My only disappointment was that the range was closed for the Holiday and I did not get to go try it on Christmas as it also came with a box of fresh ammo also nicely wrapped.

The Closing of 2011

As the 2011 year winds down to a close, I am reminded of how much fun it has been to meet all of you and spend quality time with you at the range and in class.  I hope you enjoyed the training as much as I did presenting the NRA program to you. 
It is truly amazing how well many of you did at the range with your respective equipment.  All of you have renewed my confidence in the strength of the average American citizen to stand up and defend what is right regardless of age or gender.

Adapt & Overcome

Eagle Eye Arms Blog Post
Recently the state has changed the law and sent the Sarasota County commissioners running for cover.  They are so scared that they had to close the pistol and rifle range.  Lucky for the shotgun boys they have already privatized that part of the range so you can still go shoot your shot gun just not your pistol or rifle.  I suppose it is time to spend some quality time with my shotgun now.  It is good to train and stay sharp with more than one gun.

Real Training delivers Real Results

Real Training takes time.  It is not something you can do at a gun show with 30 or more students and come aways with much more than the certificate you need to secure your CCW permit.  Many of my students have taken my class after securing their permit to carry concealed.  Do they need my class?  No, not for their permit.  They already have that and can now legally carry a gun in their pocket!
Many of these same student have said to me that they needed more training to be comfortable carrying their pistol on them.

NRA Basic Pistol Training in Your Home!

Welcome to Eagle Eye Arms Blog.
Recently some interested students have asked me if I can conduct the NRA Basic Pistol Safety class in their home.  The answer is, Yes!
There are however a few conditions that must be met in order to keep everyone safe during the class.  First no ammo is allowed in class.  Conducting the class in our training facility allows us to have good control over what is brought into class.  So, in order to keep this standard high and promote reasonable safe guards I will inspect the subject property prior to committing to any class at venues like this.

Responsibility at Arms

Responsibility at Arms
Does caring a gun make you safe?  For many, the obvious answer is a big fat no.  Responsible gun ownership,especially carrying a concealed deadly weapon, demands your complete andfull attention. Not most of the time or just some of the time but ALWAYS and all the time. 
This commitment to your complete and full concentration is not easy and must be carefully developed. It is a skill set that begins with attitude and a commitment to training.
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