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Recently the state has changed the law and sent the Sarasota County commissioners running for cover.  They are so scared that they had to close the pistol and rifle range.  Lucky for the shotgun boys they have already privatized that part of the range so you can still go shoot your shot gun just not your pistol or rifle.  I suppose it is time to spend some quality time with my shotgun now.  It is good to train and stay sharp with more than one gun.
What do the Marines teach?  Adapt and overcome!  To bad the County's only way to adapt is to take their ball and go home.  I used to know kids in the old neighborhood that where like that.  If we played to hard or won to much they would get mad and take their stuff and go home so no one could play anymore.  It didn't take long to move on to greener pastures.  I am sure the shooters in town will find a new range that is more agreeable to take their money.
Oh!  What happened to leadership and fiscal responsibility.  They are both out the window.  All the range offices that do not have a job any more are still on the payroll but the income from patrons who still want to shoot is gone.  Now that is really stimulating the economy.  How do these people get elected.  They wouldn't know leadership if it fell on them like a ton of bricks! 
It is time to clean house at the next election.  I vote and I hope you do too and I don't know about you but I am ready for some change that makes more sense than what these folks are doing.  It is beyond comprehension.  Let me make sure I understand this.  The state strips away the restrictive rules that we didn't need in the first place and makes it ok to shoot your gun at home and the county takes offence because they have safety rules at the range and think that the state is going to fine them for have safety rules at the range so they shut the doors on the nicest day of the years to be outside enjoying your gun and your freedom to the pursuit of happiness.  Well, hell you might as well stay home and shoot there!  Why not you can't go to the range and you'll save the gas and $ 12.00 bucks to boot!  Now that is an unintended consequence that I'll bet the commissioners did not consider!
Leadership takes brains.  Unfortunately the lack of good sense and just a pinch of common sense is lacking from leadership on the local level on up.  It is time we had something to say about that.  I would like to hear from you.  What do your say about all this?  Please let me know your thoughts.  I remain indignant about this lunacy!
Stay strong and safe!
Rhino Chris
Eagle Eye Arms & Training
Chris Tritschler
Certified NRA Instructor

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Allen Polmar on Friday, February 15, 2013 11:48 AM
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The youth is the hope of the nation so the future lies in our hands. You can voice out your choice through voting but we must practice being a responsible voter. We must make our research to be informed because every vote counts. The candidates that we will be voting will lead our country, and no one wants his own nation to be unsuccessful. It is time to make a change! Thank you for sharing this. Have a nice day!

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