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Fear Mongering

Guns for Christmas?  What is going on in America?  During the season of peace and love who would have thought that a firearm would be a present under the tree?  Well, for one, me!  I actually got one for a Christmas present wrapped in gift wrap and under the Christmas Tree.  I was thrilled with the new Springfield Armory XDM 5.25 target pistol in 9mm.  My only disappointment was that the range was closed for the Holiday and I did not get to go try it on Christmas as it also came with a box of fresh ammo also nicely wrapped.  I have a wonderful wife whom I love very much.  I did not get her any gun specific gifts for Christmas, although she has received such gifts from me over the years.
Is it wrong to give a gift like a gun for Christmas or a birthday or anniversary?  I certainly think not!  When you love someone and you want them to be strong and safe from all harm you take action to protect them when you can not be there.  Consider this.  A gift of training for the shiny new pistol might be a nice follow up gift for good behavior later.
I spend time with all my loved ones not only shooting but also training and discussing safe gun handling.  My sons and grandson also shoot and find it fun and rewarding.  Teaching kids about the safe handling of guns is no different than teaching kids how to swim.  Water proofing your kids is a good first step to keep them safe here in Florida because the water is everywhere.  It is an interesting comparison because so are guns.  They to are everywhere, like it or not.  The industrial revolution has ushered in new guns and made them affordable and easy to get.
New technologies have made them smaller and new materials like nylon filled polymer have made them ultra light and concealable for the average citizen.  Nothing levels the playing field like equal measure of force.  A young girl or a older man is no match for a 220 pound brute by themselves.  Nothing lets you hold your ground like a loaded gun.  Especially and most importantly in the hands of a skillful user.  Almost anyone can get a gun if they want one bad enough.  Regardless of all the would be safeguards and there are many.  They are no more effective and an unskilled user.
So if anyone can get a gun where do you go to get training and how to safely learn to use it to protect myself?  Good questions all the millions of new gun owner should be asking themselves and someone in the know.  The best place to start is easy.  Go on line and go the NRA.  They have a list of qualified instructors that can help you be strong and be smart and responsible about gun ownership.  After all the well intentioned and useless regulations about getting a gun the very best way to make guns safe is to make the owner responsible.  It is as easy as taking the NRA' Basic Pistol Safety class.  This class is excellent for all gun owners both new to the idea and seasoned veterans alike.  It is thorough and compressive and gives you a very positive foundation to build on.  It will teach you how to handle your gun safely.  But wait there is more!  Did you get that?  Your gun!  This class is designed and structured by the very best gun authority in the USA, the NRA.  You have to admit they know a lot about guns!  And most important of all, you get to use your gun in the class.  Wow you can learn all about your gun in one class.  Ok, well not everything.  But you get the idea.  Your real gun and real training for you the new gun owner. 
By now you probably have guessed that I teach one of these classes.  You don't have to take my class.  I highly encourage you the millions of new gun owners to do the research and get some training.  It will help you be a more responsible gun owner and most of all you will not be a danger to yourself or your loved ones nearby.  Think about it, good training could help you save your life and maybe someone you really care about.  Don't be scared, be smart and be strong and learn how to use your equipment skillfully.  The class is not enough by itself; you will also need to go to the range and practice.  Your instructor can teach you how to safely train with your pistol or revolver at home.  Call him or her and ask how you might just learn something for free!  Gun people are mainstream now don't you know?!  Most of the are really nice people who want everyone else to be nice, too.  Too bad that idea hasn't caught on just yet!
The NRA is not fear mongering.  Actually just the opposite.  They, just like me, want you to be a responsible gun owner and have fun with your new gift!  Merry Christmas to one and all!

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