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Freedom’s Price

Freedom's Price

Freedom means very different things to citizens all over the world.  Those of us who live in America especially those of us who have spent any time in the Armed Services no matter which branch of the service know what freedom is.  We all shared something in common weather we were Air Force, Navy, Army or Marines, yes all of us.  We all went to basic and got our heads shaved and got loosely fitted for the same uniform.  Presto we all looked pretty much the same.  We all had to learn how to march together as a team.  We all went to bed at the same time and got up at the same time.  We all got yelled at by the drill sergeant.  We learned how to shoot some (very little for most of us) and we all had to go somewhere else far from home and for me outside of the country at 19 years old!  Yes I can still remember that far back.  Some things leave an indelible mark you will never forget.  Shipping out to a new and different place was one of those marks.  I had the freedom to join the branch I wanted and the freedom to go where I was told.  Still it was good for me.  I still have the thoughts of a free man in my head that the drill sergeant never got to.  I will always have that freedom.
Some people in America think that we need to give freedom to everyone else in the world whether they want it or not.  Doesn't everybody want to be free?  Think about that one for just a moment.  Perhaps not.  The Islamic man doesn't want the freedom to change his way of life to a more modern and enlightened way of interacting with the fairer sex.  He likes it the way it is and feels like our way is wrong and being forced on him.  He is free to chose as many wives as he wants and doesn't want to be committed to just one for how long?  Forever!?  He loves his daughter but if he gets a good price for her and the family benefits from the sale, so be it!  Tough love or abuse or just cultural differences, you decide.  He is a free man to do as he pleases and is not constrained by western values or the implied limitations of political correctness or respect of gender sensitivities.  God help you if you are female in this part of the world.
Freedom isn't free, far from it.  Can you therefore simply give it away?  Can you liberate a country and declare you are now free go out and enjoy your liberty!  Numerous thoughts may be running through your free man's head right now but I think the truthful answer is, no!  If freedom is truly not free and the cost is a dear price to pay, then in order to hold on to it or to keep the gift of freedom, the recipeint of freedom must be willing to pay the price to maintain his freedom, or he will soon be seperated from it as is evident on today's news from the Middle East. 
If you are not willing to fight for it you will not keep it for long.  A simple but hard and true fact.
Watching the young fighting age men stream to the recruiter's sign up table on the nightly news shows that some of these young men are starting to get the idea.  If you really want freedom you must be willing to fight and perhaps die for it.  That price is stiff and rigid and nothing else will pay the fare.  These citizens must have faith in the cause and believe in it enough to put it all on the line even when the odds are significantly stacked against them.  It has never been an easy fight it never will be easy.
The men on the beach at Normandy 70 years ago didn't waver in the face of daunting odds and stayed the course and ultimately prevailed.  The young men in Iraq will never be the men on the beaches in France but they can learn from their selfless and brave example.  The tyranny and hatred they face is no different today and it is within them to defeat it.  Only time will tell if they really want the freedom to live free and offer a future for their children better than what they have now.  They will need to dig deep and not cut and run when the odds are not favorable.  Freedom is not free.  The price is real men who will not waver from giving there all.
Our future freedoms are dependent on the quality of life and the opportunity we lay before our children.  Is their future free from oppression and crushing debt with enough opportunity to sustain their dreams of a better world for their children?  I am a free man not because I served and my service is over, but because I am free to fight and continue to lay claim to the right to oppose tyranny and evil against the entire Hydra's heads that manifests in the modern world.  Sure I am old but the fight has not left me, not yet.  I continue to long for real freedom for this world, to preserve goodness, truth and respect for all living things.  I am still willing to prepare and fight for this ideal.  I will not turn my back on the week or infirmed or elderly.  They are counting on you and me to be there to hold the line against evil.
How many of our brothers, cousins or neighbors need to be shot in the back in a ditch before you and I take a stand against this pure evil?  How long must we wring our hands and ponder the solution to end the wickedness?  Where is the leadership that will stand and fight against this without apology to the perpetrator and his kind?  Why must we show tolerance and give tolerant quarter to those who show none to the week and disarmed?  I make no apology to repeat offenders who commit atrocities without any remorse or fear of reprisal.   They don't deserve it and must be stopped cold before they spread their evil any farther than they already have.
Our freedom demands that we take action against evil before it overwhelms the weak before it lands squarely on our door step.  And clearly it will!   It is not enough to stand by and say it's not our job you need to do it yourself.  Sure we have the freedom to stand by and observe, some wariness and introspection is always prudent but you cannot turn your back on grievous atrocities and allow them to continue.  This isn't about boots on the ground this is about a clear and decisive victory over pure evil. 
It has been a long time since we flexed that muscle perhaps it is time to make sure it is still the deterrent we have all hoped it would be.  Perhaps the driving force of this evil is convinced that freedom is weak and asleep at the wheel and no longer has the will and determination it takes to ensure evil will not be tolerated just because it is far from home.  The price of freedom surely is high but the price of inaction to protect the world from evil is much greater.  It is a price we cannot afford to pay.  Especially now.
Chris Tritschler
NRA Instructor - Owner
Federal Firearms Licensee
Eagle Eye Arms & Training
665 North Tamiami Trail
Nokomis, FL 34275
Off: 941-485-7740
Cell: 941-376-7740

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